Facel Vega FV4 (1957)

Facel Vega FV4 – 354 Hemi

Dealerships like the Hoffman Motor Company advertised the Facel Vega FVS Series 4 Sport Coupe in the United States with great enthusiasm for the product. The powerful dual quad Hemi V8 and European road holding were as impressive as the coachbuilt quality. These Facels were styled by Jean Daninos himself, the founder of Facel Véga. By creating his own cars he could show the world what perfection looks like on four wheels. The FV4 could outperform most of the contemporary sports cars in its days and it still is impressively fast today. Besides true car lovers these models have always attracted the rich and famous and we’re happy to have a stunning example like this in our showroom.

Nowadays known as the Facel Véga FV4, the 4th and final series of the FV was the fastest at the time, until the HK500 arrived. The FV3 and FV4 were sold as Facel Vega FVS (Facel Vega Sport). Our example here was delivered by Max Hoffman to its new owner during the summer of 1957. Only 36 FV4s were offered with this engine, and 33 of them got the automatic gearbox. Today it is still a matching numbers car. After the second owner used Afterwards JB Classic Cars upgraded the drum brake system to disc brakes. New Borrani knock-off 10 “Turbo” Sprint wheels were fitted on Rudge axles.

The original owner used the Facel in between his properties in Key Biscayne and Key West. Then the Facel ended up in a private car collection in Massachusetts next to a couple of other Facels. It was still driveable and complete in 1989 when it was sold to a Dutch collector, but it was in need of a restoration. This Dutchman never started the project, but the current owner did and the car was finished in november 2019. spinners have the period correct Facel inscription, because Borrani was an OEM supplier. These details matter and make it a perfect mix for collectors who want to drive their cars, but also enjoy looking at it.

During the restoration the car was finished in gunmetal anthracite over mushroom. Some cars are as pretty on the outside as on the inside. But Facel goes one step further with a well designed, clean engine compartment. The Batwing-like air-intake and gold paint of the FirePower valve covers help to make the Facel’s engine bay one of the most attractive ones to look at. A treat to the eye and ready to go.


Year: 30-06-1957
340 hp
Chassis nr. 57NY10 / FV4-57 NY10 (Max Hoffman nr)
Engine nr. TY5-562141
Matching numbers
TY 5 “Typhoon” engine (354 Cui / 5.8 Litre)
3-speed Torqueflite Automatic Gearbox
Borrani knock-offs
Upgraded with disc brakes

Price: € 265.000,-