Facel Vega HK500 1960

For the famous who want the finest

‘For the few who want the finest’ was the original slogan of Facel Vega in the 1950’s. However, the French company could easily have had advertised with the word ‘famous’ instead of ‘few’. The list of celebrities who owned a Facel Vega is long and impressive. Ringo Starr, Stirling Moss, Frank Sinatra, Pablo Picasso and Fred Astaire, to name a few. The legendary HK500 was one of Facel Vega’s most successful models. At the time of introduction it was the fastest four seater on earth.

Restored with passion

This HK500, built in 1960 was intended for the American market and was later imported in the Netherlands. The car was restored by its current owner, who bought it in 2007. Suspension and rear axle are fully overhauled and stainless steel parts were brought back in original condition. The necessary bodywork was carried out, the car was painted and got a new interior. Part of the restoration work has been carried out by JB Classic Cars. After the restoration was completed, JB Classic Cars also took care of the regular maintenance. The result? A wonderful an trustworthy car, suitable for the perfect road trip across Europe. Just ask us for more details or restoration documentation!


Model: Facel Vega HK 500
Weight: 1.660 kg
Dimensions: 4.59 x 1.80 x 1.36m
Prod. no.: 775
Top speed: 240 Km/h
Years of production: 1958-1961
Engine: Chrysler V8 Wedge 279cc/330bhp
Total production: 490
Gearbox: Chrysler Torqueflite 3-speed automatic
Price: Sold to Germany