The restoration of a classic car can be a lengthy and expensive process. That doesn’t make the process less interesting. But the experience indicates the best results are achieved when the owner and the restorer work in a good partnership, to get your classic car in the condition you desire.

In our workshop we can offer you the best skilled craftsmen with the perfection and skills to accomplish the perfect result. Not only do we accomplish complete restorations, we also repair partial restorations or repair any damage regardless of its size.


“It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money – that’s all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot – it can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you can do that you will have enough to pay for something better.”

John Ruskin (1819-1900)


Please take a look on the special website for more pictures en information about the complete restoration of this Facel Vega FV2B ‘Convertible’.