Porsche 911 2.4 S Targa (1973)

Porsche 911 2.4 S Targa (1973)

The 911S from the early seventies is undeniably one of the most popular classic Porsches, especially in the rare Targa version. With great pleasure we offer this beautiful example from 1973, with the original engine, in the original colour and with the beloved Recaro sports seats.

Porsche 911 2.4 S

At a time when the 917s were virtually unbeatable on the international racing scene, Porsche developed a new version of their popular 911, which was launched in 1971. The idea was to build a car that could easily take to the track. Therefore – aided by all the knowledge gained from racing – a great deal of attention was paid to improving road holding and the development of a new engine: the 2.4 litre.

The new boxer engine had a longer stroke and led to greatly improved performance, especially in the sportiest S version, which boasted 190 horsepower. Initially fuelled by carburettors, all cars from 1973 were fitted with a Bosch injection system. This enabled the 911S to reach a top speed of 230 km/h, an incredible achievement for that time. A Targa model could also be ordered for all versions, of which the Targa S was the rarest. A total of only 925 were produced in 1973 until the model was replaced by the 2.7 litre in the following year.

The car we are offering was sold to a true enthusiast in Switzerland on June 26, 1973. Equipped with beautiful sports seats, the owner also chose the popular light yellow, the colour the car still wears. After many years, the car was sold to a new owner in Spain, who maintained the Porsche exceptionally well, as evidenced by the documents accompanying the car. In 2020, the car was sold to a car collector in France, who is currently making some changes to his collection.

Driving a 911S Targa is a great pleasure.

From the moment you drop into the leather sports seats, you can feel the 911’s sense of purpose. The classic dashboard with the rev counter in the middle, the steering wheel and gear stick in exactly the right place, everything feels well thought out. This feeling is reinforced as soon as the six-cylinder boxer engine kicks in.

Once on the road, it quickly becomes clear why the Targa S is so popular. The powerful engine combined with its light weight of 1,100 kilograms (only 50 kilograms heavier than the coupe) ensures serious performance, even by today’s standards. And with the Targa roof removed, you can enjoy the high revving racing sound of the six cylinders all the more.

The Porsche is in very good condition and fully checked by us. It is an ideal car for rallies, historic races or as an investment, as the prices of these rare S-models seem to keep going up.


Year: 1973
190 hp
1100 kg
Chassis nr. 911 331 0888
Engine nr. 633 2114
5-speed Manual Gearbox
Original stereo
Original Recaro sport seats

Price: € 199.000,-