Porsche 911 Turbo 1986

Dating a supermodel

When boys in the late eighties were lost in thought some best-loved poster cars and supermodels were most likely on their mind while pondering away. Exotics were suddenly hot. Political correctness wasn’t mainstream yet. It’s still not hard to believe one can be seduced easily by a supermodel like Naomi Campbell. She took over the world with her beloved beauty. The same counts for cars like the F40 and extremely popular comeback kids as the Lamborghini Countach and 911 Turbo. Memorable moments from a great era.

Mental pictures of wide bodied Porsches got solidified during daydreaming in so many brains that it brings back that over-exciting, yet nerve-wracking, feeling instantly when standing face-to-face to a 930. It’s the centerpiece of most people’s passion for sports cars. Driving one is like dating a supermodel. Even the most seasoned driver will feel proud, overwhelmed and always a bit anxious. In a good way.

Its widened body, combined with the impressive late model whale tail and deep Fuchs wheels are what make these Porsches super sexy and timeless. Especially in black. You can’t stop loving them. When the doors are opened a mindblowing full leather lipstick red interior reveals itself. This red “Can-Can” colour comes with matching red carpets. The black leather dashboard and four-spoke steering wheel add the right amount of contrast. There’s no accounting for taste, but in retrospect the first American owner gets all the credits for coupling the interior and exterior so tastefully in 1986.

All owners can be called caretakers of this 911 because they treated this car with such an immense care. It’s very well maintained and ready to run. It drives like no other car has ever done ever since. The 930 combines the allround sportiness of a 911 Carrera with the smoothness of a grand tourer and the thrilling thrust of an 80’s intercooled turbocharger. Turbo lag was still something to be proud of back in 1986 and it excites till date. Boost builds up around 3500 rpm and from there on accelerating feels like flying Battlestar Galactica at lightspeed. Your eyeballs bump to the back of year head and the road ahead becomes very narrow. Compared to other great sports and supercars of the same era, this intercooled 911 Turbo drives easily through town and noise levels are much lower on the inside and out. Still, the attractive engine sound is music to the ears.

High pile carpets and several luxury options, like A/C and power seats, make this a very comfortable 911 that can be used more than most owners probably do. The usability sets it apart. This makes it a great car for all kind of drives, even commute, cruising around and long distance traveling at high speed. A 930 likes to corner too, obviously, but in hands of inexperienced and even experienced drivers the slow in, fast out cornering technique makes sense. Hence the Widowmaker nickname. With the best brakes the market had to offer slowing down is easy. The best advice is to use the traction in the rear for acceleration, but never ever lift or brake while turning in. Driving spirited in a 930 means there’s no time for anything else than driving. We cannot think of a more rewarding form of mindfulness.

The car’s exceptional, harmonious aesthetics with typical flared wheel arches, wide wheels and huge wing has helped to make the 930 into an iconic sports car that will be cherished by many fans forever. We are happy to offer this immaculate black on red example. The car is matching numbers, accident free and has a clear Carfax. Service history, books and toolkit are all there. The paint is original, although the front got a high-quality respray because of some stone chips and the current owner had it being upgraded to Euro-headlights and rear bumper. With only 44.000 miles on the odo and all major work already done this 911 Turbo is a great opportunity for any Porsche 930 enthusiast. Get ready for that boost.


Can-can interior
Sunroof and A/C
Blaupunkt radio
Complete toolkit and jack
Matching numbers
Service history
Well maintained
All major work done