Triumph TR3A 1960

The master’s masterpiece
Triumph TR3A Overdrive (1960)

The years 1959 and 1960 were quite interesting when we look back at Triumph’s history. Triumph returned to Le Mans with a trio of TR3S race cars to compete in the 2 litre class. Just after the summer of ‘59 the Standard Motor Company changed its name to Standard-Triumph International Limited. And already in 1960 the company was taken over by British Leyland. During this period our TR3A was produced and shipped to the US, just like most TR3s. Back in Europe it has been tastefully restored by the renowned TR-specialist Hans Kooy.

Unlike most restorations, where 100% originality counts more than personal taste, this restoration has been a showcase for Kooy. He put all his knowledge, effort and dedication into this TR3A and the result is mindblowing. This has become the best restored TR3 “wide mouth” on the market today. Its presence attracts people to take a closer look, not just the Triumph connoisseurs. This car excites, even when standing still.

Inspired by the renewed colour scheme on the front badge, this example was painted in Old English White with dark blue leather interior. The car looks better in real life than on photos. The maritime blue mohair hood, tonneau and hood stick cover, side curtains and interior match perfectly. The blue leather seats with white piping are as new, just like the blue leather dashboard and carpets. The upholstery is a class on its own. Hans Kooy even created matching blue bags for all covers and sidescreens. Stylish and practical. There’s plenty of storage space for travelling compared to other small two-seaters and within moment you can create a different look on the car, depending on weather conditions. There’s an adjustable air vent behind the bonnet for hot weather and the typical valve on top of the engine for the colder nights to get some heat in the cabin. Plain simple, but it works.

When seated most people will feel very at home behind the adjustable banjo steering wheel. The drive is a perfect example of how a British roadster should be. With disc brakes at front and electronic overdrive every drive will be joyful. The strong two litre engine with a pair of SU H6 carburetors has an easy job, with only 950 kilos on the scale. And the perfect stopping power is something you don’t experience often in cars of its era. You can easily understand why so many TR3As ended up on race or autocross tracks. It’s a shame that less than 20% of the 58 thousand TR3As have survived. More people should have enjoyed these little roadsters nowadays.

Any sports car lover will adore this lovely TR3A, because it shows concours-quality inside and out. The saying ‘beauty is in the details’ counts with this Triumph, especially when you see the immaculate engine bay. Despite the fact that this car is better than when it left the factory, it’s not over-restored. With his eye for perfection Mr. Triumph TR himself created a masterpiece. A final addition we’ve made was to rechrome the valve cover because of some scratches (not pictured yet).


Fully restored masterpiece
Matching Numbers
Heritage Trust Certificate
Wire wheels
Adjustable steering column
Blue leather interior
Mohair hood (Soft top)