Triumph TR6 (1974)

Triumph TR6 (1974)

One of Britain’s best-selling roadsters for years, the Triumph TR6 still has a legion of fans. Its classic lines combined with a good chassis and a powerful six-cylinder engine make it a beloved classic for touring, rallying and on the track. We proudly offer this 1974 TR6, which has been totally serviced and is ready to go.

The Triumph TR6 rolled off the production line for the first time in 1968. With a modified design by German coachbuilder Karmann, it was clearly an evolution from the TR5/250, which had only been in production for 15 months. Equipped with the same six-cylinder engine, it also shared much of the technology of its predecessor. The TR6 remained in production until 1976, when it was replaced by the completely different and much less popular TR7.

The car on offer was delivered to America in 1974, where, due to the strict emission regulations, the 2.4-litre six-cylinder was not equipped with injection like the European version, but with twin carburettors. It also equipped with a J-type Overdrive.

The car was driven in America for a long time and has always been exceptionally well maintained. In 2002, it came to the Netherlands and since 2004 it has been in the possession of the current owner.

Although for the most part original, a number of modifications have been made to enhance the car’s performance and reliability. The standard carburettors have been replaced with larger SU HS6’s. And a lot of the emission reducing parts around the carburettor have been removed. Not only are these often the cause of problems, but without them the engine can breathe more freely.

The Triumph is in great driving condition and has been fully checked and serviced by us.


Year: 1974
Mileage: 50774
115 hp
1.130 kg
4-speed Manual Gearbox with J-type Overdrive
Original walnut veneer dashboard
Fully checked and serviced