Ferrari 250 GTE (1962)

Ferrari 250 GTE series 2 (1962)

With a full engine rebuilt, good mechanics, a nice interior and original Azzuro metallic colour, this ‘matching numbers’ 1962 250 GTE is a perfect car for the Ferrari aficionado; for the connoisseur who wants to combine the sportiness and power of the famous Colombo V12 with the space and luxury of one of the best four-seat Ferraris ever made.

Ferrari 250

The history of the Ferrari 250 goes back to 1952 when Ferrari introduced the 250 S. This racing car, powered by the famous 3-litre Colombo V12 was to be the first of a long lineage of cars. Most famous are of course the 250 Testa Rossa, the 250 GTO and the 250 GT Berlinetta SWB.

Under pressure from his customers and the need to bring in enough money to keep the racing department running, Enzo Ferrari decided to have a four-seater Ferrari developed, based on the 250. It was up to Pininfarina to develop the bodywork. Built on the long chassis, just like the 250 GT and Cabriolet, the engine and gearbox were placed slightly forward to make room for four seats. With a recognizable Ferrari front end with the familiar eggcrate grille, Pininfarina gave the car a typical fastback profile. The interior has that typical charm of an Italian car from the sixties.

Only 150 kilograms heavier than the GT and with an even better weight distribution, the GTE (E for Europe) is hardly inferior to its two-seater siblings in terms of driving dynamics. The car was first introduced during the 1960 Paris Motor Show and was built until 1963 in three distinct series. Although a total of around 954 cars were produced, very few remain original, because most GTE’s are converted or used in the restoration or recreation of the more popular 250’s.

Matching numbers

This series 2 Ferrari 250 GTE was produced in 1962 in Azzuro 16240 with a beige leather interior. It was then sold by Luigi Chinetti to the first owner in California, where it remained until 1987. The car was subsequently sold to a new owner in Switzerland who kept it for over ten years. Through a second Swiss owner, who had the car repainted in its original colour, the Ferrari finally arrived in the Netherlands in 2017.

During that time the car was inspected by long time Ferrari specialist Tony Willis, who confirmed the chassis, engine, gearbox and axle numbers were original and matching. The current owner has made the engine undergo a complete rebuilt in 2022.

Although the paintwork has some minor issues, this rare, original colour, romantic interior and now gloriously running V12 make this a fine example of a Ferrari 250 GTE series 2. Sitting in comfortable leather seats, looking at the five gauges in a row- new to the series 2- there is little more invigorating then revving the Colombo V12 past 3.500 rpm and listening to that glorious sound. The Ferrari 250 GTE is still one of the best Gran Turismo’s ever built and a car that seems to gain evermore appreciation over the years.


Year: 1962
Engine: 3.0-litre Colombo V12, 240 hp
Full engine rebuilt in 2022
4-speed manual transmission
Chassis nr. 3389
Matching numbers (chassis, engine, gearbox and axle)
Checked by Tony Willis
Original colour