Facel Vega HK500 (1959)

For the few who only want the finest – updated Facel Vega
Modern quality sets this Facel Vega HK 500 apart from the rest

Driving a classic car with modern world standards in mind is something that even real enthusiasts can dream about from time to time. We cannot argue about the fact that modern cars are easier to use. For those who’d rather drive their Facel Vega 24/7 Jasper Beukenkamp and his team have developed a great package full of upgrades for a modernized ride. JB Classic Cars offers this package to owners who by no means want to change the appearance of their Facel Vega FV-series or HK500, but who shall appreciate nowadays features.

“It seemed impossible to achieve in a 60 years old car, but with my upgraded Facel travelling at 160-180 km/h (on German highways – natürlich!) is completely effortless and silent”
– Owner first updated HK500

The team has found a way to leave the original look intact. Think of practical and easy to use solutions like a modern, powerful HVAC system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). This system is connected to the original controls in the dashboard. An extra pair of small integrated vents are optional and require the only irreversible change. As a result the cabin’s climate will make it the best place on earth for both driver and passenger.

Driving in modern traffic with a classic car can be quite challenging and therefore we’ve focused on the most essential necessities to keep the car’s original spirit alive. Powered disc brakes all around and adjustable electronic power steering are the starting point for a more relaxed way of driving. Better visibility at the rear with LED technology adds safety in all weather conditions. Not to mention new tyres and upgraded Koni dampers to add comfort as well as better roadholding. Upgraded carburetors for modern fuels will save a lot of stress while travelling or during commute. Modern fuels in the original system can cause all sorts of trouble, but with this upgrade the massive V8 will start and run better for a longer period of time without the hassle of looking for the fuel stations or additives that will ruin the original carburetor’s operation and performance.

“The fragrance when you enter the cabin is what I love, especially the new leather smells great. To my surprise the updated fuel system completely eliminates the odour of fuel and this helps me to feel like I am in heaven, without being intoxicated”
– One happy connoisseur

A modern hi-fi installation with Bluetooth connectivity, aux connection and USB charging port for a smartphone is among most people’s wishlist nowadays. A new easy to use head unit with in-period look is connected to premium speakers which are integrated in the original speaker locations. One can use the system as a hands-free car kit or for streaming favorite playlists and podcasts. JB Classic Cars has insulated the cabin. Noises are reduced to the maximum.

“I am astonished by the easiness, smoothness and at the same time the extreme brute power. With its refined manners and easy handling, I call her my brute in a suit”
– Owner

All of the items and systems of our package are fully integrated in the original design and are easy to use with the original control switches. For those who want to use their gran routier in modern life from day to day this is the best possible package. Please check out our spec list below and get in contact if you want to know more about the possibilities for your Facel Vega HK500 or FVS.

Facel Vega Update-Package by JB Classic Cars:
– Electronic ignition
– Edelbrock carburetors for modern fuels
– EZ Powersteering
– Modern air-conditioning & heating (HVAC):
. Integrated with the original controls
. Optional Upgrade: with in-dash integrated vents
– Modern sound system with in period look & feel:
. Bluetooth connectivity
. Out of sight aux connection and usb ports for smartphone charging.
– Noise reducing cabin insulation
– Powered disc brakes front & rear
– Upgraded koni dampers
– New radial tyres
– LED rear indicators
– Additional LED brake lights

Optional to this package: (performed on the above car)
– Revised rear axle
– Rebuilt engine
– Renewed interior

Note: These upgrades can be done without restoring a car. On the HK500 we took as an example we haven’t touched any bodywork at all.