Jaguar XK150 Drophead Coupé (1958)

Jaguar XK150 Drophead Coupé (1958)

Together with the E-type, the XK is without a doubt the most important model ever built by Jaguar.
Whether it is an early 120, a 140 Coupé or one of the later 150 Drophead Coupé,
they are the quintessential post-war British sportscar. Combining racetrack technology with a gorgeous design and powerful engines, they were unsurpassed in their day. And still are one of the most sought after British classic cars. This 1958 Jaguar XK150 DHC has an upgraded brake system and suspension.

The XK150

After its introduction in 1948, the XK120 rocked the motoring world. No car combined racing car performance with practicality and comfort like the XK did. Propelled by its completely new twincam engine, it was the fastest production car in the world. And for a fraction of the price of the more exotic models available.

Originally intended for small production, sales took off. The car was especially popular overseas, for example by many Hollywood stars, but also successful on the racetracks. In 1954 the 120 was replaced by the XK140, which had the same design but was technically more advanced with a more powerful engine.

In 1957 Jaguar introduced what would be their final version: the XK150. The shape of this new model, although clearly based on its forebears, was quite different. The wingline was much more straight, the bonnet was widened and a new windscreen, now in one part, gave this model its own look. One of the biggest technical changes where the standard fitted disc brakes. The XK150 stayed in production until 1961, when it was replaced by the iconic E-type.

Ment to be driven

This fine example of a Jaguar XK150 was built on the 11th of August, 1958 and delivered through the New York dealer on the 17th of December 1958. After driving many years overseas, the car came back to Europe when it was bought by its new French owner. He had it restored and painted red with a tan leather interior. He also upgraded the brake system and had a more modern suspension fitted to give the car an even better road holding.

Getting behind the wheel of this XK150 is a great pleasure. While looking at the long bonnet in front of you, you turn the key and hear the roar of the powerful 3,4-litre straight-six. With 210 bhp on a total weight of around 1.350 kilograms, it still is a very quick car. And with its upgraded suspension, it boast some serious cornering speeds.

This Jaguar XK150 DHC is an excellent drivers car, perfect for competing in rally’s or historical races. But with its upgrades, equally enjoyable as regular driven classic car or for making nice, long trips.


Year: 1958
Mileage: 14852 km
3,4-litre straight-six
ca. 210 bhp
1.346 kg
Topspeed 210 km/h
4-speed Manual Gearbox
Upgraded brake system
Upgraded suspension

Price: € 150.000,-