Mercedes-Benz 190 SL (1959)

Mercedes-Benz 190 SL (1959)

A Mercedes-Benz 190 SL is a car for those who want to combine the flair of the late fifties with well-thought-out full proof German engineering. For people who enjoy a beautiful classic automobile but also want to drive it without to many hassle. This fine 1959 example is completely checked and repaired by us, including a complete engine overhaul. Based on a slightly older but excellent restoration, this is the perfect driver’s car.

The 190 SL

It was at the 1954 New York Motor Show that the public first came face to face with the 190 SL. There it stood side by side with the production version of the legendary 300 SL. As the story goes, it was the American importer who suggested to the heads of Mercedes-Benz that a simplified, cheaper version of the 300 SL would be great for business; although this possibility surely had not escaped the Germans themselves. Whoever came up with the initial idea, the 190 SL would indeed be a great success.

It owes this to the fact that the car is so much more than a ‘poor man’s 300 SL’. Based on the technology of the 190 ‘Ponton’ sedan, the car offered a comfortable ride, a powerful four cylinder engine and of course its beautiful design. The 190 SL stayed in production from 1955 till 1963 with well over 25.000 cars built.

A fine example

This 190 SL on offer was bought by a Dutchman in the United States in 1992. He took the car to the Netherlands an quickly started with a much needed total restauration. Most of this work was done by the famous Dutch Mercedes-Benz restorers: the brothers Van Dijk. After the restoration, the beautiful 190 SL was thoroughly enjoyed before the car ended up in a garage for quite a few years.

The owner now decided to sell his Mercedes. As it stood idle for years, we decided to give it a major technical overhaul. The biggest work was a complete engine rebuild. But we also overhauled the brakes, replaced the clutch, and fitted the car with new tyres. In short, the car is technically in absolute top condition.

The bodywork and interior still enjoy the somewhat older but well-executed restoration and are in a good condition. All in all, this Mercedes-Benz 190 SL is the ideal car for those who want to drive and enjoy one of the most beautiful German cars of the 1950s.


Year: 1959
Mileage: 27326 km
ca. 104 hp
1.140 kg
Topspeed 173 km/h
4-speed Manual Gearbox
Fully checked and serviced including an engine rebuild

Price: € 175.000,-